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Linda Van Gelder/President & CEO – Linda is a licensed Realtor®. She received her licensing in 2002 and actively practices the sale of residential property in the Valley. Linda also received her Certified Arizona Association Manager (CAAM) designation with Arizona Association for Community Managers (AACM) in 2009. Linda sits as President on the Board of Directors for Community Association Institute Arizona Chapter (CAI) as well as a the committee chair for the Membership Committee. In her first year’s efforts, Linda was one of two recipients of the Rising Star Award from CAI. She dedicates her time and knowledge endlessly to our Valley organizations to help ensure this industry gains more respect and appreciation.

Linda oversees the daily operations of ALPHA Community Management from homeowner deposits to homeowner concerns. She also is the co-chair of her community block watch. She knows first-hand why it is so important to have a cohesive, community-based, safe neighborhood and wants to contribute that knowledge to all of our Valley board members and residents.

On a universal scale, Linda is very active in the Susan G. Komen Foundation. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, she is a large advocate for awareness and seeking support for both victims and family members alike. She marked her fifth year cancer free in 2009. She will continue to promote and sponsor awareness, while assisting our Valley events, like October’s Race for the Cure, with her remarkable outlook on life!

David Van Gelder/CFO – David has owned his owned business since he was 19 years old when he partnered with his father to service Valley residents at a local garage. Many years have since passed and now he is the founder and owner of VG & Associates, ALPHA’s parent company, since 1985. What started as a small business quickly grew into a successful indoor environmental company. Over the past 25 years, David has worked with multiple government agencies and Valley businesses and homeowners to restore and maintain their indoor health and has received over 30 certifications.

Upon starting ALPHA, David also received his certification from AACM as Certified Arizona Association Manager. He is dedicated to the financial health of not just ALPHA, but of their communities as well. He consistently brings financial awareness to each association’s manager and board of directors. Additionally, he strives to work with homeowners to educate them about the purpose of an association and the importance of timely payment of assessments.

For the past decade David has worked with our Valley youth and their parents through schools, churches and local neighborhood businesses educating them on the safety, camaraderie, and competition of racing. Drag racing is a favorite pastime of David’s, and many years ago he wanted to share his knowledge and passion for the sport with children, having two young daughters of his own at the time. What started as an educational series for career day at his daughters’ school, swiftly turned into a safety lecture about vehicles, off-road vehicles, bicycles and even pogo sticks! His daughter is now 21, yet he still is invited back every year for this exciting and informative lecture (he brings the dragster for show too)!