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Here at ALPHA we are big on family and that includes our fur-family members! We are proud to introduce to you the member’s of ALPHA who work behind the scenes, at home, keeping us happy and healthy with their unconditional love. 


Tinkerbell was adopted by her foster of 7 months. She went from being in an abusive situation, to a scary shelter, to a rescue, and then to a home that spoils her rotten! She was given the nickname “Tinker-Stinker” and she is living up to it! She doesn’t like strangers but she LOVES her family very much. Tinkerbell helps her mom wind down after a tough day. Her favorite things include marrow bones, her mom’s red robe, and “attacking” water splashes (which is what she’d just been doing prior to this photo being taken)


Penny was rescued as an abandoned pet back in 2011. She was very thin and malnourished. She stole a piece of her mom’s heart instantly! She is now extremely spoiled. She is very loving and loyal to her family. She loves to snuggle in soft blankets and play outside in the sun. She also loves looking out windows and waiting for bunnies to prance by.

Don’t let the cute face and the grin fool ya, the costume is totally accurate! 


Bambi was adopted at the beginning of 2017 from an Arizona rescue, along with her bonded buddy Flower.

Bambi’s mom can’t help but laugh at her bucked teeth and bug eyes. Some say it’s a face “only a mother could love” – and she does! 

Bambi is approximately 5 years old. She only 3.8 pounds, but doesn’t let that stop her! She loves to play, run, and chase the bigger pups.


Flower is a petite old gal that was adopted from an Arizona rescue at the beginning of 2017, along with her bonded buddy Bambi.

Flower is over 10 years old, but her exact age is undetermined. She was found wandering the streets so her history was unknown.

Flower loves her new mom and follows her everywhere. She enjoys naps and reading.